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Rose Lu

冰花 , 本名鲁丽华, 美国华裔诗人。90年代初移居美国。现居马里兰州。著有诗集《这就是爱》,《溪水边的玫瑰》等。其诗歌《荷的心事》在2010年荣获首届全球华语爱情诗文大赛“梁祝杯”金奖; 诗歌《双面扇》和《不是轻浮 不是漂》,2011年在第31届世界诗人大会夺魁。

Rose Lu (Bing Hua, Lihua Lu) is a Chinese-American poet. She moved to America in the early nineties and now lives in Maryland. She is the author of This is Love and Roses by the Stream. Her poem "The Heart of a Lotus" won the Gold award in the Love Story World-wide Chinese Poetry contest in 2010; "It's Neither Frivolous Nor Drifty" and "A Fan" won an award in the XXXI World Congress of Poets in 2011.


Richard Tornello

Richard Tornello picked up a degree in History and Asian Studies from Rutgers University. A couple of years ago he began taking drawing classes at a local college. He has been collecting art for over 30 years, and writing science fiction, fantasy stories and poetry for just under 10 years. Art and writing came together when he was asked to assist the Editor of Quantum Muse as the Art Director. He retired from that position when the webzine stopped functioning. He is the author of DONKEY FROGS & PANTRY GOBLINS and Gloria the Chipmunk.

查德-特诺勒, 在罗格斯大学获得历史和亚洲研究学位。几年前,开始在当地一所大学学习绘画课程,从事艺术收藏已超过30年,近10年来,撰写科幻小说,奇幻故事和诗歌。曾应邀协助Quantum Muse做编辑并担任艺术总监。出版著作有DONKEY FROGS&PANTRY GOBLINS和Gloria the Chipmunk等。



为何鸟儿在欢叫 我越来越沉默 心里明明有话 却不愿说 为何溪水欢快向前 我却一步步退却 明明想到对岸去 却不敢跨过河 一身的疲倦 把夜的孤独触摸 想装着微笑 却有泪珠滚落 最好的诗 还没有写 缪斯女神 不再光顾我 究竟是哪里 出了差错 激动和喜悦 不再来找我 反复 反复问 没有答案的问题 成了最后一首歌


Why is my voice fading and mute? While in my heart I have something to say. While the creeks are happily gurgling forward Why am stepping backward from life? I dare not cross that stream Though clearly there is a desire to get to the other side. Utterly exhausted I touch the lonesomeness of the hours of darkness, Outwardly I pretend to beam But my tears stubbornly stream My finest verses remain hidden for Muse has ceased to honor. What on earth went wrong? Why does excitement and happiness come to me no longer? What on earth went wrong? Time after time I ask these answerless questions that become my last rhymes.

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