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Kate Lindroos

Kate Lindroos lives in western Massachusetts. Her chapbook, The Costume of a Hunter, is out now from Factory Hollow Press. Recent poems appear in jubilat, Sixth Finch, Barrow Street, Permafrost, Cover, Big Big Wednesday, Sugar House Review, Cosmonauts Avenue, Gramma Poetry, Josephine Quarterly, and Vinyl.



Mario Li

Mario Li is an American Chinese, with interests in poetry, photography, arts, gaming, history and the future, residing in Nevada, USA.


Night Life


The creature that knows darkness as something not dark and therefore knows light as something an eye is meant to close itself to knows light's fading as something beginning and the subsequent re-arrival as signaling temporary end is always outside at this moment doing one part of either and everything written has as silent audience or subject this life aside it, though even that which attempts to examine it directly cannot do so completely as it is half shadow even when there be no sun.


那些生物,明白黑暗 不仅仅是黑暗,由此因而 明白光明是这样一种事物,眼睛 意味着对其必须闭上。 它们明白光明的衰褪 是随着开始的和随后的 重新到达,作为信号的临时 结束,总是在这一刻之外, 一部分也好,全部也好,任何 所写下的一切,总有沉默的观众, 或者置此生命于一旁。尽管 即使试图直接检查,但却 无法能够全部完成,因为这里 只得半影,即使没有太阳。

Friendly Fire


There is a type of clay that needs to bury itself into the cracks of a rock first in order to ripen turning red with iron as if blood were a thing produced by this type of waiting and all that is gathered for eventual building need be born with that same variety of patience.


有一种粘土先得将 自己埋入岩石的裂缝中 从而变得与铁一样的成熟 一样的红色似乎血 就是由这样的等待所产生 一切为最终的建筑需要 而采集的材料都得与此类 相同的耐心一起诞生。

What To Make Of A Life


No true thing unleashed knows quite how to settle, the notion unsure of itself even before the self is known. Like how land is not black after the sun has gone, how it takes quite a while for the reality to become accepted — once unleashed there is no idea of settling since that implies choice but there is no idea of choice anymore, and motion is just a constant desire that chooses in its wildness to remember.


所有真实的释放,不明白 具体该如何去解决,其概念 不太确定,即使是在 自身面世之前。比如大地, 在太阳消失之后,并不是 黑色一样,如何去接受现实 需要一段时间 —- 一旦释放出来, 就不会有解决的含义,因为 这就意味着选择,但是选择 这一想法早已不复存在, 而运动只是一种永恒的欲望, 在其野性中选择了记忆。

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