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Zhaoyang Li (Paul)

诗人、美国律师。美国化学博士、范德比尔特大学法学博士,现居旧金山。美国《文心》文学季刊诗歌编辑,美国美华文学社《美华论坛》诗歌评论员。出版过法律专著、记实散文随笔,著有诗集 《围绕一棵树的一年四季》 及数篇诗论。

Poet and attorney in the U.S.  He holds a Ph.D. in Chemistry and a JD from Vanderbilt University School of Law and now lives in San Francisco, CA.  He also serves as the poetry editor of "Wenxin Literature Quarterly" and poetry commentator of the E-Literari BBS of the Journal of "American Chinese Literature".  He authored legal books, documentary prose book, poetry collection The Four Seasons Surrounding a Tree and some critical articles on poetry.


Zhaoyang Li (Paul)


The Same Manner

你总是在我面前 以同样一种姿势摆动 让我若有所思 命运与季节一起旋转 每一次降临都与我擦身而过 作为故事 我不能不说一切都命里注定。而你 曾经多次提醒 我们生活在两个年份 在某一个夜晚 有人唱起了第一支歌 许多掌声响自不同的方向。让我想到 你总是以问号称量事物 比如某一天 有一只鸟在你我之间来回 摆渡。从前的日子 都是这样的 你说。而我不得不 仔细打量手心的纹路 有人说这是明年的预言


You swung before me in the Same manner all the time Leading me to a little meditation – The fate swirled around along with the seasons Every time it condescended, it passed by me touching my face As a story I had to admit that everything is destined. But you Reminded me many times that We lived in two different ages In an evening Someone sung the first song and Applause sounded in different directions, leading me to realizing That you always measure matters with a question mark For example, on a day A bird flying back and forth between you And me. The days in the past were all like this You said. But I had to Check the marks in my palm Someone mentioned that they are prophecies of next year


The Four Seasons In A Year Surrounding A Tree

有一天 我见到一株柏树顶上浮着一层 枯叶,便走到树下 仰面沉思。你在黄昏 走近我,指着枯叶顶说 其实上面还有一层绿叶 -- 我点点头 你也点点头。于是 在同样一个黄昏 我被置放在树顶 你被置放在柏树下 你和我以模仿鸟音起落的方式 对答 冬天来了 冬天又走了 你数着自己身上的叶子 在春天成长,变成 夏天。你祈祷阳光永远停留在 八月的树顶。于是 有一天 一个影子象一条红色的蛇 从树顶流下来,穿透 你留在草地上的 另一个影子 -- 然后树叶落下 然后你沉睡了一整年


On a day I saw on top of a tree a stratum Of dried leaves and thus came under the tree with Face up, pondering. In dusk, you Came near me. With fingers pointing to the top of the tree, you said In fact, on top of the dry leaves there is another stratum of green leaves I nodded my head and You nodded your head as well. Thus In the same late-afternoon I was placed under the tree and You were placed under the tree We talked back and forth, like the calling of birds Up and down the tree Winter came and Winter went You were counting the leaves that were on your body Growing in the spring to become The summer. You prayed for the sunshine to forever stay In August on the top of the tree. Then On a day A shade of a being took the form of a reddish snake Glided down the top of the tree, piercing Another shade that you left on the meadow - And then the leaves were falling And you fell asleep, for a whole year


Peach Blossoms

桃花开在 街口的另一侧 阳光从树上照下来,花瓣 象一个个灿然的什么在头顶 不住旋转。当你仰望 穹苍,一个意想不到的 念头从天而降 你怔忡在桃花树下 你想起风曾经在 许多年前在三月的某一天 彻夜歌唱一个 不知名姓的什么人物 是谁让你沿着街口不住 循环不住数算 在环形走道上不断的脚步哦 你双手在胸前不住画十字架祈求 安宁或明天的辉煌 你禁不住回想当年的一个 预言 -- 在十字路口 在桃花树下 在三月的某一天 有一个黑衣人必定 在此地经过。为此 在你的微笑中许多人 禁不住潸然泪下


The Peach tree was blossoming At the corner across the street The sun shone down through the tree. The pedals were Spinning above like aurora objects. When you looked up Deep in the sky, an unexpected thought fell down to you through the air You stood stunned under the peach tree You recalled that on a day In March many years ago the wind Was singing overnight about A nameless someone Oh --Who led you to the street endlessly Circling around and counting the Continuous steps on the circular path? Your hands were constantly drawing Crosses on your chest praying for Today's peace or tomorrow's splendor You could not help recall A foretell given in the past - At the corner of the street under the peach tree On a day in March A man in dark suit is destined to Pass-by this exact place. And thus In you light smile Many people could not help shed tears

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