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Madeleine Marie Slavick

Slavick has published Delicate Access (Sixth Finger Press, 2004), Round – Poems and Photographs of Asia (1998, winner of a Bumbershoot Book Award) and Color (2003). She is also a photographer. She is a native of Maine and has lived in Hong Kong since 1988.

思乐维的第一本书 China – The Dragon Awakes (1995) 曾上香港畅销书榜。 诗歌摄影集 Round – Poems and Photographs of Asia (1998) 获美国西雅图 Bumbershoot 图书奖。思乐维为香港乐施会编写刊物。她是美国缅因州人,1988年迁居香港。


Luo Hui

Luo Hui's translations have appeared in Beacons, The Asian Pacific American Journal, OutLoud, Dimsum, Writing Macao, Wings of Summer—Selected Poems of Zheng Danyi (2003), and Delicate Access (2004). He lives in Toronto.



After seventeen years in the soil you arrive with wings and crawl up a tree and leave them You wait for the air to harden your new winged body and your loud abdomen begins to call the dusk. If you find a mate, you die, and your first shell stays clinging to your summer tree. If you cannot?


让十七年掩埋在泥土里 你振翅飞来 爬上树干 并抛下双翅 你耐心地让风 将新生的躯体吹得坚挺 然后,你嘹亮的腹部 开始呼唤黄昏 如果觅到伴侣,你将死去 只留下一具空壳 抓住你夏天的树枝 如果找不到伴侣呢?

The Last Memory


The dent in the carpet after I love the couch The yellowed square on the wall where our slow calendar hung Mica tape marks The gouge of missing nails Scraped floor The dry bathroom sink has a crack It is not your black hair


我移走沙发 之后 地毯上留下的压痕 墙上发黄的方块 是我们漫长的日历 挂过的地方 云母状的胶布印迹 钉子留下的小孔 划伤的地板 已风干的洗脸池里 有一道细缝 它不是你的黑发

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