Yidan Han

Hong Ying


Poet and novelist. Born in 1962 in the slums of Chongqing City, China. Receiver of various prizes, most recently the Prize for Literature awarded by the City of Rome in Italy (2005). She has published poetry since the early 1980s. Her publications include Summer of Betrayal, Peacock Cries, Daughter of the River and a book of poetry, etc. She lives in Beijing and London.


Martin Winter

Born in 1966 in Vienna, Austria. Studied Chinese in Taiwan 1988-90. Graduated from Vienna University 1995 (MA). Taught German and English in various countries. Currently working as a translator in Beijing.



days full of spring

挑起发丝 鱼说请你枕着我 那鱼变成一把尖利的刀 你只有张开翅膀 一身的花瓣飞升 冰河下我看见你 以鲜艳的美 日夜飞奔 跃出太空的弧线 波浪已开始暴动 如我夭折的生命:轻轻附在珊瑚指间

jumping hair fish says take me as your pillow the fish is a knife sharp and pointy you can only spread your wings all your petals flying upwards under the glacier i see you by your beauty shining bright tear along through night and day leap out of the arc in space the waves have begun their rebellion as my life is ending early: softly rest in corals' fingers


fire of the nether world

你被当做一盏灯 走了一段 你变成了 另一盏灯 我知道你在等待 黑暗直线剖开你的身体 我的身体 你在心脏之东 我在心脏之西

you are taken for a lamp after walking a stretch you have become another lamp i know you are waiting the darkness directly opens your body my body you're east of the heart i am west of the heart


black flask

特制的皮 细腻如玉 你很残酷 你开始说虹在左边 左边是一个地球 在那儿等虹 等阵阵细雨 听雨水传送 六字真言 等你心中的灯亮起来 打个结 那么摇晃吧 你的身体 如此不喜欢残酷

a skin produced as fine as jade you are cruel you start to say Hong is left at the left there is an earth waiting there for Hong the rainbow wait for spells of drizzle hear the rain deliver "six words of truth" an ma ni ba mei hong om mani padme hum when the light in you goes on tie a knot so shake it your body doesn't like cruelty at all


last sonnet

对面的人小心打开窗户 忽又 猛地关上 他捂住嘴 喉咙里怪声地响 那窗离地面两米高 枯黄的草在几层寒霜中摇曳 暗红的墙上 有只蝎子几次三番想攀进窗 他拿着一把斧子 这么那么比划 随时可能击破玻璃 蹦进这白光扎眼的世界 抓住鲜血循环的轨迹 可是他不 而且我不会去认识他 这寒霜把我也关在窗里 真的 谁有兴趣看他一眼 蝎子或是

the person across carefully opens a window suddenly shutting it hard he covers his mouth a queer sound in his throat the window was two meters up from the ground yellow weeds under layers of frost are swaying on the dark red wall a scorpion has tried to climb in through the window he picks up an axe he goes this way and that he could break through the glass any time leap into dazzling white light of this world catch the circling track of blood he doesn't i would never get to know him the frost keeps me inside the window too in truth who would care to look at him a scorpion maybe

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